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n●als in my time in● the NBA. I■ can’t think ●of a bigger g○ap from a team pe●rspective," said ●Van Gundy, adding th■at Cleveland wou◆ld "have to 〓be lights-out from t○he three-point line● to have a chan◆ce to win a game."Ma◆rk Jackson,○ former head c◆oach of Golden Stat●e disagreed that Cle■veland sta○nds no chance. "I&r●squo;m not going t◆o say zero percen●t chance, th○ey have the b■est player in the ●world (LeBron● James). I think ■we are not givin○g the Cavs and (C●oach) Ty Lue,● LeBron James a○nd the supp●orting cast enou◆gh credit.■ They march●ed through the ●Eastern Conferenc●e. I’●m not so s■ure that they are◆ not the second-be〓st team in t?/p>

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Stephen Cu○rry and Kevin● Durant of the Wa○rriors ranked f●irst and s◆econd with〓 respective●ly 9/5 and 5/7. LeBr■on James of the■ Cavaliers came ●in third with 7/1.E○SPN's Dave McMenam◆in on Tuesd〓ay said Ty〓ronn Lue, head◆ coach of

Cleveland○ told him ●in an interview Kev●in Love might● miss Game One 〓of the Finals becaus◆e of NBA's concus●sion protocol. L◆ove had to leav○e the court in Ga○me Six with the C◆eltics on May 25 aft●er a head-to-head c◆ollision with Jaso?/p>

鰊 Tatum. He○ was diagnosed wi○th concussion and● missed Game Seven○.As for the W●arriors, leagu◆e sources said tha〓t Andre Iguod●ala who go■t his left kn○ee hurt in Gam〓e Three with ●the Houston● Rockets and mi〓ssed the four〓 games la


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ter mig◆ht not appear in ●the court for 〓Game One of the ■Finals either●. Iguodala told ◆the reporters th〓at he did ◆not feel pain wa〓lking, but was● still searching fo◆r ways to hea○l his knee.Game O●ne of the 201●7-18 NBA Finals wi◆ll be played ■at the Oracle ●Arena in O◆

akland on ○Thursday.Please scan■ the QR Co〓de to follow us o●n InstagramPlea■se s

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